Disposable Medical EO Sterilized 25g Spinal Needle

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Medical grade materials; High quality stainless steel.

Products are made of high quality stainless steel;Medical grade transparent PP material composition;Sterilization method is: the EO gas sterilization, the product’s type and 16 g, 18 g, 20 g, 21 g, 22 g and 23 g, 24 g and 25 g, 26 g;Factory price, high quality, rapid delivery.The needle should pass through the skin, subcutaneous tissue, the supraspinal ligament, the interspinous ligament between spinous processes, the ligamentum flavum, the epidural space (including the internal vertebral plexus, the dura mater and the arachnoid membrane), and enter the subarachnoid space between the cauda equina nerve roots.

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Spinal needles are disposable high quality stainless steel and medical transparent PP materials accept custom packaging using EO Gas sterilization safe use of the best suppliers best after sale service outstanding product characteristics

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Matters needing attention

① Explain the necessity and safety of puncture examination to the patient before surgery, and explain the examination method in order to obtain cooperation.

② Pay attention to aseptic operation and check whether the equipment used is matched.

(1) Select the right part and operate gently. The whole puncture process should be rapid after the needle reaches the periosteum through the skin, and the needle should be vertical to the bone surface and slowly rotate into the needle.Do not use too much force or slide the needle tip on the bone surface.

④ When extracting bone marrow smear, the negative pressure should be slowly increased. When blood is found in the syringe, the suction should be stopped immediately to avoid bone marrow dilution.If other examinations are required at the same time, a small amount of bone marrow smear should be taken first, and then the bone marrow should be taken for other examinations (not done once).Take bet...Or sit backwards in a chair.When removing the syringe, insert the needle back quickly.

(1) choose standard parts: patient side, in order to obtain to cooperate, to extract the bone marrow to send other check (not and do 1 time), when the syringe in blood, after iliac spine usually marked on hips, by the side of spine or central vertical Pierce, tibia (only applicable to children under 2 years old), his arm, in the middle route of the sternum, in order to avoid dilution of the bone marrow.Do not use too much force or slide the needle tip on the bone surface.

Sterilization method

This product is disposable aseptic packaging, sterilized by EO gas.

Storage conditions

The product should be stored in the relative humidity is not more than 80%, no corrosive gas, well ventilated room.

Packing detail

Individual paper-plastic packing;50pcs/box; 1000pcs/ctn

MEAS: 42X42X33CM

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