Disposable Umbilical Cord-CLAMP

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High quality PP material, daily production of 100,000pcs.

The main products are PP material production;Functions: it is safe and convenient for pregnant women to clamp the umbilical cord after childbirth.Specifications: available in different colors, blue, white, red, etc.,Umbilical cord clipper consists of a clipper and a clipper. The clipper consists of an upper handle, a lower handle and a blade. Mechanical linkage between the parts is produced by external force to complete the ligation and cutting of neonatal umbilical cord at one time, which is sterile and disposable. 5 cm.

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Disposable Umbilical Cord-CLAMP suppliers directly sell quality PP materials that can be used in hospitals or everyday applications, accept custom packaging fabrication and high quality, fast delivery, factory price, best service system

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1. A good umbilical cord clip can avoid blood spillage when cutting and clipping the umbilical cord, which can protect the medical staff;

2. The umbilical cord clamp is a disposable product, which can effectively avoid cross infection, and the umbilical cord clamp can achieve the synchronization of clip and shear;

3. High-quality umbilical cord clip, can play a close care role for the baby;

4. It can be convenient to collect cord blood, the operation is quick, the structure is reasonable, and it can also protect the mother and baby.


1. open the package;

2. Insert the umbilical cord into the umbilical clip, and close to the front corner;

3. the position of cutting should be 3 cm to 5 cm away from the hilum;

4. Push the putter with your thumb;

5. The blade on the cord cutter will cut the umbilical cord, separating the two ends of the umbilical cord.

Sterilization method

This product is disposable independent aseptic packaging, Sterilized by EO gas.

Storage conditions

The product should be stored in the relative humidity is not more than 80%, no corrosive gas, well ventilated room.

Packing detail

Independent small package (the packing bag is made of PE and paper plastic

PE packing: 100 PCS/box, 25 boxes/box, 2500 PCS/box, G.W.:9kg/N.W.:8kg.MEAS: 61X28X56CM

Plastic bags: 50 PCS/box, 50 boxes/box, 2500 PCS/box, G.W.:9kg/N.W.:8kg.MEAS: 51X41X38CM

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