Disposable Sterile Twist Top 21g-30g Blood Lancets

Disposable Blood Lancets

Disposable blood lancet is made of polypropylene (PP) and stainless steel, sterilization method is ethylene oxide sterilization, suitable for the clinical need for micro blood collection to Pierce the skin. Advanced tip grinding technology ensures sharp tip and reduces pain. Purification injection molding ensures product hygiene requirements.

There are two models, cylindrical and flat. Blood lanctet are divided into 21G 23G 26G 28G 30G 31G. These two models (23G and 26G) have thicker needles and are suitable for people with thick or rough skin. These two models (28G,30G) are common models, and this model (31G) is suitable for babies. Packing details: 100 PCS or 200 PCS/box, 20000 PCS/box, 14kg/13kg.

Performance and use: this product is suitable for human fingertip circulation point puncture blood test, need to be used together with blood collection pen. Blood collection needle tip should be sterile.


1. Insert the blood collection needle into the needle holder of the blood collection pen.

2. Remove the protective cap of blood collection needle.

3. Aim the blood collection pen at the sterilized part and press the launch button.

4. After use, insert the tip of blood collection needle into the protective cap and place it in the special recycling appliance.


1. This product is a disposable product, please do not reuse or share with others.

2. Do not leave the blood collection needle in the blood collection pen after use.

3. If the protective cap has fallen off before use, do not use the blood collection needle.

4. Please use it within the life of the product. 5. This product has no therapeutic or diagnostic effect.


We manufacture blood samples with maximum accuracy to ensure consistency in blood glucose monitoring. Using the highest quality needles, the tri-bevel tip significantly reduces trauma puncture when skin is damaged.

Post time: Nov-12-2021