Operation of scalpel

1. Bow holding is the most commonly used knife holding method. The action scale is wide and sensitive, and the force touches all the upper limbs, mainly at the wrist.Used for cutting off long skin and cutting off the anterior sheath of rectus abdominis.

2. The pen-holding force is gentle, the operation is sensitive and accurate, and it is easy to control the movement of the knife. The action and strength are mainly in the fingers.Used for short statectomy and precision surgery, such as dissection of blood vessels, nerves and peritoneum.

3. Hold the handle with all hands, and pinch the notch of the handle with thumb and indicator finger.This method is more stable knife control.The primary point of motion for the operation is the shoulder joint.It is used for cutting large scale, thick arrangement and large force cutting, such as amputation, tendon cutting, long skin cutting, etc.

4. Reverse pick type is a conversion method of pen type, the blade is picked up to avoid damage to the deep arrangement.To operate, first stab, moving point in the finger.It is used to cut abscess, blood vessel, trachea, common bile duct or ureter and other empty organs, cut off the arrangement of forceps or extend the skin to cut off.

Post time: Mar-12-2022