Supply Disposable Medical Sterile Surgical Blade

Disposable Surgical Blade

Disposable sterile surgical blades are divided into disposable carbon steel surgical blades and disposable stainless steel surgical blades.Material is Carbon steel or Stainless steel.Way of sterilization is Sterilized by GAMMA radiation.

Specifications:10#、11#、12#、13#、15#、18#、20#、21#、22#、23#、24#、25#. These specifications(10#、11#、12#、13#、15#) match the use of 3# surgical blade handle,these specifications(18#、20#、21#、22#、23#、24#、25#) match the use of 4# surgical blade handle.

We can process the products according to the products according to the fixed brands which are supplied by our customers.Mainly use for dissecting when operation.Its advantages are very sharp, high hardness, stable blade edge, thickness 0.38-0.4mm. Varied specifications.It has good elasticity.The integrated production of the new automatic knife sharpening machine,,rust prevention paper and foil packing,double packing avoid getting rust,It's more sanitary and convenient to use.Fine material make the blade more tenacious. We are factory , price advantage, quality assurance.

Packing detail is individual foil packing,100pcs/box,5000pcs/ctn,8kg/7kg.


1. This product is sterilized by GAMMA ray. The sterilization period is three years.

2. Avoid bumping the edge or cutting hard objects in use to avoid hurting the edge.

3. disposable sterile surgical blade should be stored in a dry place, do not contact with corrosive gas, liquid, to avoid rust.

4. The sterile surgical blade after tearing the package shall not be stored for too long. It shall be used immediately and destroyed after use.

5. Do not cut hard tissue with scalpel.

6. It is forbidden to use the blade when it is found broken.

7. If the package is damaged, it is strictly prohibited to use.

8. This product is for one-time use and is strictly prohibited to reuse.

Post time: Nov-12-2021