What Are FFP2 Masks?

Throughout the coronavirus health crisis, health officials across the world have been advising people to take important precautions to protect themselves.

We have been asked to wash our hands often and correctly.

We have also been urged to stay socially distant from people outside our own household.

And one of the most important precautions, of course, is to wear a face mask.

The FFP2 Masks

FFP2 masks supposedly protect both the wearer and people around them. The World Health Organisation cites studies which show the filtration systems of FFP2 masks are 95 per cent effective respectively. Their enhanced effectiveness has led to countries such as Austria and Germany making them a requirement on public transport.

While standard medical masks only filter three micrometre droplets, FFP2 respirator masks filter down to 0.075 micrometre solid particles. The masks are then tested by seeing what percentage of these small particles make it through and, in the case of getting FFP2 certification, only six per cent or less can do so.

So what makes these respiratory masks so good at filtration compared to surgical or cloth masks?    FFP2 masks are defined as being composed of three layers of synthetic non-woven materials, available in different thicknesses, with the inclusion of filtration layers between. 

Post time: Dec-13-2021