What is a scalpel

The word Scalpel comes from The English word Scalpel, which first entered English in the 18th century, but documents tell us that the earliest Scalpel was used in Turkey around 2100 BC, along with evidence of cranial and orthopedic surgery.One of the earliest written descriptions of a scalpel is Hippocrates, who used the scalpel to open a window on a patient’s pus

Here are some common common scalpel blade models:

11. Bayonet, also known as a sharp blade, has a pointed head suitable for piercing and punching

No. 12: Crescent knife, with a crescent-like tip for breaking knots, also used in glandular surgery and urology

Size 15: The most commonly used blade.Generally used for short and fine incisions.

No. 10: Also one of the common blades, slightly wider than No. 15, used for cutting skin and muscle tissue.

Size 20: Also a large blade, with a long sharp edge, used in general surgery and orthopedic surgery

Post time: Dec-27-2021