What is disposable blood lancet?

Easy for one-time blood peripheral blood collection needle, commonly used in fingers, the earlobe and other peripheral parts, because of the blood collection needles can set up a quick bounce in the spring, with the right operation method, the pain is light, take blood high success rate, than ever before, in pursuance of the commonly used has economic portable triangular needle, the pain is small, the advantages of high success rate.Clinical peripheral blood collection needle is often used for blood glucose test by dipstick method, peripheral blood collection smear, etc.Operation left index finger and thumb hold the blood part respectively, make blood congestion after disinfection, right hand hold hemostatic needle, pull out the peripheral blood collection needle safety switch, and then gently placed in pursuance of parts of the disinfection is completed, press down after hearing the sound of the spring with mining blood needle, see a small amount of blood flowed from needle position, the paper will be prepared and slides outflow of blood collection.Then apply a dry cotton swab to stop the bleeding.

Post time: Jan-12-2022